How They're Made!

Handcrafted, for you.

At Southwest Ceramic Lighting, quality isn't just important, its required. From start to finish, each of our handmade lights, are meticulously done. From mold to fire, design to paint. Every detail matters, because it should.


Hand Carved

Hand Poured

Every step matters, and every detail is accounted for.

Hand Painted

Create your Own!

Step-1: Pick your Shape!

This is where you will decide the shape and size of your light. Here you will also be able to choose between Wall Sconces, and Ceiling lights.

Step-2: Pick your Design!

In this section you will choose the design you would like to have on your lights. This will include Center and Border designs.  

Step- 3 & 4: Pick Your Colors and metal Accents!

Here, you will select your light Colors, finishes and any accents you may want to add. We have both Copper and Stainless Steel Bands that can be added, and arranged as shown in the pictures!

Final Step: Sockets, and  custom options!

Here is where you select specific build preferences. Indoor or outdoor placement, custom options, and rush build requests! 

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