We Guarantee Our Client’s Satisfaction. Your Satisfaction is Our Success!”

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“We Guarantee Our Client’s Satisfaction. Your Satisfaction is Our Success!”

Hand-Made on Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico

Southwest Ceramic Lighting started making lights with only southwest designs, but when customers asked if we could make a Harlequin design or a Celtic knot, we obliged. Our company sells custom lighting from coast to coast, as far north as Alaska and as far south as the Florida Keys.

Since our lights are ceramic, poured with a solid thickness and fired in a kiln to 1945 degrees Fahrenheit, they are very durable. Our customers have given us testimony of their lights making it through nickel and quarter size hail, 120 degree heat and 30 degree below “0” temperatures. So to say the least, our lights can withstand extreme conditions and climates, while maintaining beauty that you expect for years. 

Mike and Lydia Baker, Owners of Southwest Ceramic Lighting.

For us, our lighting store started with custom wall sconces for the outdoors and indoors and has expanded to making hanging pendants and flush mount ceiling fixtures too. We offer numerous wall sconce and ceiling light shapes, as well as a variety of designs from southwest to nautical to contemporary that you won’t find anywhere else. And yes, we take great pride in our work! Southwest Ceramic Lighting also makes custom designs for our customers and interior designers who want their own brand or feature for their home or business.

With over 100 designs to choose from in our posted and private collection, we offer 40 colors from our color chart for you to choose from. Our customers have made the front of their home enlightened with a more modern look and the back yard taking on a rustic approach with some mountainous lodge designs. Southwest Ceramic Lighting does not do just southwest. The beauty of our ceramic lighting is that you can have all the lights surrounding your home or business with one contemporary style that has a gorgeous Antique Copper finish or you can create a theme with southwest style, in a Terracotta finish, for the front and a variety of wildlife, in Raw Turquoise multi-color finish, for your back yard. The alluring quality of our lighting is that our company will create a look that is of your own without the possibility of your neighbors having the same lights. All of this and a light that resembles metal lighting with metallic finishes such as Antique Copper, Pewter or Anodized Bronze. We also offer a natural look with colors that complement any stucco finish.

Our Focus


We Guarantee Our Client’s Satisfaction. Your Satisfaction is Our Success!   We take great pride in our work! Southwest Ceramic Lighting also makes custom designs for our customers and interior designers who want their own brand or feature for their home or business.

Custom Hand Made

Our ceramic light fixtures are made right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, the heart of the Southwest. We offer authentic southwest style and many other design varieties, along with dedicated customer service not found with other lighting stores. Contact us today, you will be glad you did!


“The Lights You’ve Been Lookin’ For”. Because since we started offering our lights to the public in 2003, we kept hearing people say, “these are the lights we’ve been looking for”.

Interesting Facts

Ceramic Lighting

At our lighting store we love helping homeowners replace their boring cookie cutter lights, which are probably the same as their neighbors, and personalize their home with a look that is of their own. Customers can select from the lights that we have on our site or may choose their design, the style of the shape they want the design to go on and any one of our colors to have the light finished. Southwest Ceramic Lighting started out with southwest style lighting, such as the Kokopelli and petroglyph sun, for the walls, but offers so much more now.

Dark Sky Lighting

Dark Sky Lighting: All of our wall sconces can be ordered as dark sky compliant. We keep the top solid instead of cutting it out for light going upward. The sconce is finished with your color choice. Many other subdivisions and municipalities are requiring that no light be seen from the front of the light either. In this case, we can add a contrasting day plate of brushed and sealed copper or stainless steel behind the design, so that during the day the design stands out but at night all you have is the light flowing downward. Please call for more details. 

ADA Compliant Lights

So what’s it mean for lighting? For lighting design, the ADA sets standards for the clearance of hanging lights and the distance a wall light fixture or sconce can extend from the wall, and the height it can be above the floor surface. Southwest Ceramic Lighting follows the  guidelines for ADA installation specify that a wall light be no more than 4-inches from the wall and be mounted between 2-feet 4-inches to 6-feet 8-inches above the finished floor. These standards are of vital importance when designing for public spaces and commercial buildings to ensure that hallways, bathrooms and more can be accessed by everyone. The ADA guideline also have many practical implications for consumers and residential homes. Indeed, any home space can benefit from ADA lighting fixtures.

SW Ceramic Lighting in Your Home

How our lights are made!



Thank you for your interest in our company, which was established as CDS Kiva in 1999. We are a small family owned and operated American made custom handcrafted ceramic light manufacturing company. For an affordable price, we provide a very unique product that can be made to your specific requirements. SW Ceramic Lighting specializes in USA made, custom, handcrafted wall sconces. Southwest/Tribal, Modern/Contemporary, Beach/Seashore, Lodge/Rustic and Garden/Botanical designs.

 We have created a variety of contemporary designed wall sconces to fit with any modern or eclectic style home or business.

 Accent mountain or lodge lighting with function and designer capabilities.

Accent lighting for your garden or landscaping. Southwest, modern, Asian or botanical themes.

Accent lighting, with function, for Floridian, Cape Cod, Beach or any water front home.

Custom, handcrafted ceiling lights. Over 100 designs and 40 colors to accent your home decor.

Lighting pages that let you create designer lights for the outdoor, indoor, kitchen, bath, living room and hallway by clicking on Custom Design under the "Shop" tab.

Low profile ADA compliant and Dark Sky (Closed Top) compliant lights are available in several models. All of our lights are UL listed for indoor or outdoor locations.

Delivering to the Public Since 2003

Over 40 Million Combinations Possible!

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Friday Feature: Garden & Zen: Butterfly & Iris. The Butterfly / Iris design is a spectacular look for indoor or outdoor lighting. This design can be used to light and accent the front or back of any home, pony wall or court yard. #handcrafted, #gardendesign #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #zendesign #butterflylight #irislight ...

Are you motivated to find that special light to fill that special place in your home or business? We have the lights you’ve been looking for! Made to your specifications. #swceramiclighting #shoplocal #nmtrue #ceramics #lighting #customlighting #handcrafted #handmade #customceramiclighting #motivationmonday #moonlight #moonandstars ...

Friday Feature: Garden & Zen: Roses. Roses-Sand Wash-Indoor-Outdoor-9” Open Top Half Round $169.10. Any Rose lover would adore this light to accent their home, which shows one rose in bloom and one in bud form. #handcrafted #southwestlighting #customlighting, #newmexicotrue #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #roses #roselight #swceramiclighting ...

Are you motivated to find that special light to fill that special place in your home or business? We have the lights you’ve been looking for! Made to your specifications #swceramiclighting #shoplocal #nmtrue #ceramics #lighting #customlighting #handcrafted #handmade #customceramiclighting #motivationmonday #humingbirdlight ...

Friday Feature: Nautical & Seashore - Mariners Wheel-Tan Tone-Indoor-Outdoor-Shield Handcut Half Round
$264.40. Used at sea by sailors for steering a boat, our light’s side wall wash holes give a beautiful fan of light on each side and an hour glass of light shines from the top and bottom. https://southwestceramiclighting.com/product/shield-handcut-open-top-sconce-mariners-wheel-design-tan-tone-color-indoor-outdoor/ #handcrafted #southwestlighting #customlighting #newmexicotrue #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #nautical #seashore #ocean #marinerswheel #shield #seashorelighting

Friday Feature: Friday Feature: Lodge & Rustic - Deer-Top and Bottom Deer Tracks-Antique Bronze-Indoor-Outdoor-14″ Open Top Half Round -$283.10. Our inspiration for this light is the Deer - a Native American given name. Male deer of all species (except the Chinese water deer) and female reindeer grow and shed new antlers each year. This light would make a distinguishing appearance on any lodge or mountain home. http://ow.ly/ycay50y3kXl #handcrafted #southwestlighting #customlighting #newmexicotrue #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #lodge #rustic #deer #mountainhome ...

Friday Feature: Southwest & Tribal: Phoenix-Raw Turquoise-Amber Mica-Indoor-Outdoor-9” Open Top Half Round. This light was inspired by The Phoenix, an eagle that rises from the ashes to be reborn, and a design that will fit any style decor. Ordering is quick and easy from our website! #customlighting #handcrafted, #southwestlighting #tribal #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #phoenix #eagle #nmtrue ...

We are so proud of our customer testimonials. What custom design can we build for you? Call us today! (505) 453-0630 https://southwestceramiclighting.com/custom-design/ #swceramiclighting #shoplocal #nmtrue #ceramics #lighting #customlighting #handcrafted #handmade #customceramiclighting #weloveourcustomers ...

Friday Feature- Contemporary & Eclectic Design: Dreamcatcher Copper Cover-Tribal Drum Border-Raw Turquoise-Silver Mica-Indoor-Outdoor-14” Open Top Half Round $321.10. This light is inspired by the Dreamcatchers that originated with the Ojibwe people and were later adopted by some neighboring nations. The dreamcatchers would filter out all bad dreams and only allow good thoughts to enter our mind. Once the sun rises, all bad dreams just disappear. The Tribal Drum is a symmetrical, geometric border design inspired by the side straps on handmade Native American drums. #customlighting #handcrafted, #southwestlighting #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #dreamcatcher #rustic #eclectic #contemporary ...

Another Five Star Review! http://swceramiclighting.com #swceramiclighting #shoplocal #nmtrue #ceramics #lighting #customlighting #handcrafted #handmade #customceramiclighting #weloveourcustomers #wednesdaywow ...

Friday Feature - Friday Feature: Garden & Zen - Cattails-Raw Turquoise-Indoor-Outdoor-9” Hood (Dark Sky) Half Round - $169.10. Our Cattail Light - has the air of nostalgia, which takes you back to the country and good times. Cattails are wetland plants with a unique flowering spike, flat blade like leaves that reach heights from 3 to 10 feet. They are one of the most common plants in large marshes and on the edge of ponds. https://southwestceramiclighting.com/product/hood-dark-sky-cattails-design-raw-turquoise-color-indoor-outdoor/ #handcrafted #southwestlighting #customlighting, #newmexicotrue #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #cattails #southwestlights ...

We wish you a Happy and Healthy New Year! #swceramiclighting #HappyNewYear ...

Friday Feature: Lodge & Rustic - Pine Tree. What a spectacular look this would add to a mountainous or vacation home. The Pine design gives the perfect addition to lighting a garage, porch or deck, in a rustic or wooded setting. This design has even been used in a country style bathroom. https://southwestceramiclighting.com/product/9-closed-top-pine-antique-copper-indoor-outdoor/ #handcrafted #southwestlighting #customlighting #newmexicotrue #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #contemporary #lodge #rustic #aspen #pinetree #cabin ...

Friday Feature: Lodge & Rustic - Aspen Grove. The Aspen Grove design is reminiscent of nature, fall, and a calm feeling. It offers a subtle touch of a forest to any home. http://ow.ly/Z1Qc50x61AE #handcrafted #southwestlighting #customlighting #newmexicotrue #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #contemporary #lodge #rustic #aspen #aspengrove #forestlighting ...

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Did You Know - Our lights are as beautiful un-lit as they are lit? Take a look! http://ow.ly/wBjE50x3GaO #customlightsalbuquerque #shoplocal #nmtrue #swceramiclighting #ceramics #lighting #customlighting #dramaticlighting #handcrafted #handmade #dramaticlighting ...

Friday Feature: Contemporary & Eclectic Design - Heartland - This beautiful wall sconce with our Heartland design cut. Shown here in our brown hued Sand Wash finish color. http://ow.ly/r2JR50x60XZ #handcrafted #southwestlighting #customlighting #newmexicotrue #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #contemporary #eclectic #wheat #heartland ...

DID YOU KNOW? There are MANY Steps to produce our unique products. Take a look at our fun step-by-step process from start to finish! https://southwestceramiclighting.com/our-process/ #customlightsalbuquerque #shoplocal #nmtrue #swceramiclighting #ceramics #lighting #customlighting #handcrafted #handmade #customceramiclighting #wednesdaywow ...

Friday Feature: Garden & Zen - Maple Leaves. Falling Maple Leaves is a reminder of the Fall season, and the Maple Leaves design is an excellent accent lighting design for your home. It is an exceptional look when lighting up the lodge or cabin. https://southwestceramiclighting.com/product/14-open-top-maple-leaves-design-in-white-color-indoor-outdoor/ #customlighting #gardendesign #handcrafted, #southwestlighting #gardenlighting #indoorlighting #outdoorlighting #mapleleaves #leaves #lodge #cabin ...

DID YOU KNOW? It’s Easy to Create a Custom Ceramic Light? OVER 4O MILLION COMBINATIONS AVAILABLE! For an affordable price, we provide a very unique product that can be made to YOUR specific requirements. We are available to personally guide you through the design process choices from start to finish. https://southwestceramiclighting.com/custom-design/ #customlightsalbuquerque #shoplocal #nmtrue #swceramiclighting #ceramics #lighting #customlighting #handcrafted #handmade #customceramiclighting ...

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