Ceramic Light Fixtures and Wall Sconces

Southwest Ceramic Light Fixtures and Wall Sconces!

Decorative Southwestern ceramic light fixtures and wall sconces

At Southwest Ceramic Lighting our light fixtures, wall sconces and ceiling lights are created with artistic appeal and are in fact functional art!

Our southwestern ceramic light fixtures are made right here in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA, the heart of the Southwest. We offer authentic southwest style and variety along with dedicated customer service not found with other lighting stores. All of the lights are hand made to order so please allow 3 weeks to ship. Our wide variety of Southwestern style wall sconces and ceiling lights are also fully customizable with different designs and accents, based on your specifications. All lighting fixtures can be used for outdoor lighting and indoor lighting applications. Many customers use them for kitchen lighting, bathroom lighting, ceiling lights and unique designer lighting. Please call or email for more information and details. All Lighting is UL listed in the United States and Canada. -

Southwest Ceramic Lighting Wants you to “Think Outside the Box” and have FUN!!

Dark Sky Lighting: All of our wall sconces can be ordered as dark sky compliant. For outdoor lighting the top is solid instead of cutting it out for light going upward. The sconce is finished with your color choice. Many other subdivisions and municipalities are requiring that no light be seen from the front of the light either. In this case, we can add a contrasting day plate of brushed and sealed copper or stainless steel behind the design, so that during the day the design stands out but at night all you have is the light flowing downward. Please call for more details.

Our ceramic light fixtures and wall sconces are made to order. Call 866-453-0630

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