14″ Hanging Pendant-Yucca (x2) w/Aztec (x2)-Sand Wash-Black Cord-Indoor


14″ indoor hanging pendant with Yucca and Aztec design combination

Dimensions: H-14″ x W-7 1/2″


14″ hanging pendant with Yucca and Aztec design combination. Each Yucca design is hand cut on both sides of the pendant with the Aztec design hand cut vertically in between each Yucca. The pendant is finished in a hand applied Sand Wash color. UL listed for the indoors this pendant comes with 8′ of cord, 6′ of chain and matching ceiling mount kit;all white. SKU# 151 253 844 427 91 The Yucca is the New Mexico state flower and is also recognized as the Texas Blue Bell as well. Either image is a beautiful show of a southwest botanical. Painted in Sand Wash, which is a great light brown sandstone color and it accents any earth tone color of home or decor. Black cord, black chain and black ceiling cap can be requested. The Aztec is a southwest zig zag border design which is cut vertically on each side and between each Yucca design.
The hanging pendants we make have a variety of designs which are cut in to each side of the pendant or with a border design cut around the piece or vertically spaced between the center designs. Some of the lights have copper or stainless steel metal bands added for accent. Our pendants hang from the ceiling by an SVC cord or chain and have a mounted cap covering the junction box.
Dimensions: H-14″ x W-7 1/2″ and comes with a 6′ white cord, white chain and white ceiling cap for attaching to the junction box.

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Dimensions 7.5 × 14.0 in